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about us

Mom2Mom is a non-denominational faith based group for mothers of all ages and stages. 

Our regular meetings are always at 9:00 am at 103 E George Street (behind Amack's Well). Free childcare is available at these gatherings.

Mom's Nights Out (MNO) are a fun, refreshing, and often much-needed break from kids. We plan nights out at local restaurants and other venues. Moms deserve time to themselves, and we encourage that you take it!

At Mom2Mom, we try to offer activities at various venues and times to accommodate all mothers' busy schedules. Mothers are welcome to as many or as few events as they can fit in. 

We also have a closed group on Facebook to keep communication and discussion groups going in a safe environment. Please check us out (Mom2Mom Batesville) and send us a friend request to join our online group.

Mom2Mom doesn't have a registration fee, however we'd greatly appreciate any donation you'd be willing to give. Thank you! 

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