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Single Moms and Blended Families

Our Single Moms and Blended Families Group meets quarterly for Mom's Nights Out (MNO). Please watch our website and/or Facebook page for the date and time of our next event. For more information, please read below and/or contact Joellyn Hartley at

The Mom2Mom Single Moms and Blended Families Group was created to nurture those women who have ever parented by themselves.

This group welcomes any woman who is currently a single parent or who was previously a single parent and is now remarried and involved in a blended family.

We realize that all mothers have different journeys through life and it is beneficial to be around those periodically who have been on a similar path.

It is led by Mom2Mom member and current single mother, Joellyn Hartley. The group meets quarterly and focuses on topics that relate to single mothers and mothers of blended families.

The meeting date and time for this group fluctuates, but it is always posted well in advance on the Mom2Mom Facebook page. 

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